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Executive Search Services

Executive search services specializing in executive search enrollment management and enrollment-related positions – director of admissions, vice presidents, associate and assistant vice presidents, deans, and directors. Our focus is on enrollment management and assessment, admissions consulting and planning, marketing, retention, financial aid, and financial aid leveraging.

Evaluating a candidate’s knowledge, skills, and character and matching them with the unique needs of your institution are the core of our executive search services. Finding that person who “fits best” is the key to achieving long-term success – especially in today’s highly competitive and rapidly changing environment.

Williams & Company search consultants combine more than 55 years spent assessing enrollment programs and evaluating talent at hundreds of colleges and universities throughout North America. Add to that experience an extensive network of professional contacts, and your search will be conducted thoroughly and expediently.

  1. Every search begins with a visit to the campus and ends with your selection of the successful candidate. We use the campus visit to: clarify your goals, assess current strategies, systems, and structure, evaluate the chemistry of the current leadership and staff. All of this information helps us to draft the position announcement and develop a profile of the ideal candidate. 

  2. Then, we launch the search. Williams & Company actively solicits nominations and recruits professionals from its national network, screens applicants, and checks references before presenting you with a short list of top candidates for your consideration. 

  3. You select the candidates to invite to campus for interviews. We help in every way we can to recruit and hire the candidate you choose to fill the position.

Contact Martha Smiles directly to start an Executive Search or to learn more about our program.

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Martha Smiles
Phone: (802) 497-0151

Enrollment and Strategic Planning Services

Our planning process is designed around two fundamental beliefs that serve as the foundation to our approach. The first is that leadership is essential in transformational change and the second is that organizational excellence is a driver for positive change.

Our enrollment and career services consultants bring senior-level experience in higher education and strategic enrollment planning to help you achieve institutional goals and organizational excellence. Our services transform people, programs, and whole institutions. Making a difference matters to us. 

The Chinese philosopher, Tseng Tzu, said, “Each day I examine myself on three counts: whether or not I am loyal to those in whose behalf I act; whether or not I am trustworthy in my dealings with friends; whether or not I practice what is imparted.” Those values work for us.

Contact Tom Williams directly to learn more about our Enrollment and Strategic Planning Services.

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Tom Williams
Phone: (303) 902-7250